Pakistani police Traps a Crime Reporter in False accusation of rape

Police implicated a senior journalist of a national English daily in fake rape case in order to punish him for highlighting police atrocities and injustice, corruption of politicians and helping victims of heinous crimes.

Israr Ahmed who works for The Nation, one of the major English newspapers in Pakistan has been trapped in the fake rape attempt and a case registered against him.

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It all begun when he published a series of stories about dropping of threatening letters Journalists received threatening letters.

Rawalpindi – Unknown miscreants sent threatening letters to two journalists for highlighting the bravery of a martyr of the Peshawar incident and urging the law enforcement agencies to comb Gujar Khan and its suburbs to purge these localities of illegal Afghan nationals.

When this scribe approached to the Superintended Police (SP), Sadder Town Rawalpindi, Dr Muhammad Ghias Gul for his comments , not only he threatened Israr Ahmed but also stated that the Taliban’s didn’t dropped any letter to any media men rather the media men themselves wrote letters and dropped in their own houses in a bid to earn popularity. Israr filed the story along this version which annoyed the said police official.

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Another story which pinched Rawalpindi Police was about the Say goodbye to education or face consequences. Rawalpindi – Police launched investigation into a horrible incident took place in Malik Pur, a suburb of Gujar Khan, of stopping a first year student of government higher secondary school by two masked men and snatching his bag on gunpoint besides threatening him not to attend school or else he would be killed, reliable sources confided to The Nation here on Saturday.
“The investigation was launched on the complaint of principal of the government-run school he placed before the police officials of Chowky Samot, controlled by the Police Station Kallar Syedan,” sources added.

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 Israr Ahmed has unveiled numerous scandals against police for the last couple of years and is one of the most expert and seasoned crime reporters in Pakistan. The incident to put his name in fake Rape Case is a shameful act by police.

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Consortium for Press Freedom (CPF), strongly condemned this appalling incident of registering FIR against Israr Ahmed and demanding to the concerned police officials to take an immediate action those who registered this fake case against this enthusiastic reporter.

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