The Consortium for Press Freedom (CPF) is a group of global journalists who have united to defend the rights of the journalists and to work for press freedom throughout the world.

To defend the rights of journalists by taking action wherever journalists are attacked, imprisoned, killed, and when privacy rights and freedom of expression are besieged, the Consortium for Press Freedom (CPF) has been launched.

Media inform, educate and make people aware every day but to maintain that scenario media and journalists need to be free. The Consortium for Press Freedom (CPF) was formed to protect journalists and freedom of expression worldwide.

The CPF wants to secure press freedom reforms globally, helping in nurturing media development as a whole. The task is to work with the industry to develop a highly skilled workforce through promoting dialogues, training programmes and practical sessions. The capacity building and the training of the journalists is also another major objective of this consortium.

The CPF will bring individual strengths to collaborate toward the common goal of defending and promoting free expression.

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